Jason Honesto


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LGBTQIA+-identifying individuals often depend on a series of identity management strategies when navigating the challenges presented by sharing their queer identity with others. In acknowledging the opportunities Higher Education/Student Affairs (HESA) professionals receive in providing identity-specific support to students, there is potential to identify and connect the dots leading from the personal experiences of LGBTQIA+-identifying HESA professionals and the support they provide as practitioners. Utilizing qualitative inquiry, this study explores the experiences of current and former HESA (para)professionals as they share how their identities have shaped their approach to support provision. Themes from the results of this study include a) familial influence on LGBTQIA+ development b) identity-centered advocacy for students and c) desire to increase institution support of LGBTQIA+ identifying students, faculty, and staff. The results of this study may not only contribute to dismantling barriers that prevent the professional advancement of LGBTQIA+-identifying persons, but also encourage HESA (para)professionals to review their competencies for practice in relation to their identities.

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Graduate Research

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Graham Hunter

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Counselor Education


Stander Symposium, School of Education and Health Sciences

Pride in the Profession