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The use of heavy duty liquid laundry detergent (HDL) is widespread among the world, seen by the 35 billion loads of laundry Americans perform each year (Shehan). The integration of softness, brightness, freshness, cleanliness, etc. into clean clothes must take in a number of factors. The concentration of this paper is the aspect of suds and foam due to the mechanical action of the surfactants in liquid laundry detergent. While suds can be an indication of the chemicals at work, it also interferes with the performance of the washing machine. Too many suds lead to more water consumption, longer cycles and more energy use. As companies pursue more eco-friendly ways of manufacturing products, the control of suds is one way to contribute. This literature review will look at the background of foam and foam suppressors, silicone and MQ resins through scholarly articles and patents. Along the way, there will be an exploration of various ways to quantitatively measure foam data, properties and chemical compounds that are best for suds suppression.

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Honors Thesis

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Mark B. Masthay

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Stander Symposium project

The Development, Formulation and Stability of Suds and Antifoam for Heavy Duty Liquid Laundry Detergents