Organizing for Sustainability in the Greater Dayton Area

Organizing for Sustainability in the Greater Dayton Area



Lindsay K. Adams, Patrice Claire Bilodeau, Nicholas Chandiles, Sophia M. Divagno, Amanda N. Film, Renee R. Fortin, Isabel Angelica Garcia Torres, Jessica Lee Garland, Eileen M. Globokar, Anyssa S. Jones, Mara Elizabeth Mackinnon, Owen P. Malloy, Matthew Kevin McGuire, Emma Rae Meyer, Tyler R. Mordarski, Michael Nolan Mosher, Kayla Nicole Nickel, Ja'Niyah Raeann Norman, Cassandra A. Novak, Matthew C. Rego, Claire M. Robinson, Madelyn Elizabeth Day Russell, Isabella Santamarina, Olivia L. Slavin, Alyssa Marie Sparto, Cole Eugene Thomas, Kennedy A. Torggler, Margaret Hope Whitman, Christierra Cici Williams, Charles A. Zahir


Presentation: 10:00-11:00, Kennedy Union 207



Sustainability is integral to managing organizations in the 2020s. As Ray Anderson, the late chair and founder of the carpet manufacturing company Interface, explains, sustainability in its broadest sense is about organizational survival. Organizations must develop their capacity to identify events that pose risk to them, assess those risks, and respond in ways that allow them to meet those tests -- and even thrive in doing so. As the students of CMM 425 Professional Seminar in Communication Management in Organizations look towards their first professional experiences after graduation, they have been learning about processes and practices conducive to sustainable organization and carrying out projects in which they work with a client organization to identify and respond to a specific threat to their sustainability. In this group presentation, each team of students will recount its story in working with a client, share what it has learned in working that client, and offer insights about sustainable organization overall.

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Project Designation

Course Project - CMM 425 01

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Jason E. Combs

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Stander Symposium, College of Arts and Sciences

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Practical Wisdom; Vocation

Organizing for Sustainability in the Greater Dayton Area