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Using a sociolinguistic methodology, based on surveys and interviews, I will analyze how the social status of Dayton’s Spanish-speaking immigrants correlates with their levels of English. My research will benefit the Dayton Hispanic community in that it will identify the dominant linguistic factors that contribute to the definition of their social status. This information will empower the Hispanics with the knowledge of what hinders them linguistically as well as offer the community tools to better integrate them, which is the overall goal of the recently adopted Welcome Dayton plan—an effort to inspire immigrants to invest and remain in the indebted city in hopes their efforts would augment the economy.

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Honors Thesis

Primary Advisor

Theo Majka

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Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work


Stander Symposium poster


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Linguistic Factors Affecting the Socioeconomic Status of Latino Immigrants in Dayton, OH