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Identifying the center of mass location provides a significant aid in controlling the balance of humanoid robots. Additionally, in humans this location is an essential parameter in postural control and is critical in assessing rehabilitation. Anthropometric tables have been complied for this identification but their accuracy is readily questioned. This research presents an estimation technique that uses the statically equivalent serial chain (SESC), a representation of any multilink branched chain whose end-effector locates the center of mass. In order to construct the SESC for center of mass prediction, a Kinect and Wii balance board are used. The Kinect provides joint location information while the Wii balance board provides the center of pressure. The utility of the presented method as compared to other common methods is that the center of pressure, and hence, the Wii balance board, is no longer needed after the SESC is constructed.

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Graduate Research

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Andrew Murray, David Myszka

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Design of Innovative Machines Lab


Stander Symposium project


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Statistically Equivalent Serial Chain Modeling with Kinect and Wii Balance Board