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Abstract:The objective of the proposed work is to change the mechanical design of an automated manufacturing or assembly process by introducing coupler drivers. Currently, the design of a mechanism to be included in a manufacturing or assembly process requires one of the joints in the mechanism to be used for actuation. That is, the desired motion of the device and how it will be moved are coupled and this complicates its design. The proposed work looks at decoupling the kinematic synthesis of a mechanical system from the actuation synthesis of the system. This is accomplished via a mechanical chain called a coupler driver. This work develop the kinematic synthesis theory needed to design a coupler driver for any single degree of freedom mechanical system. The research will develop the mathematical representation of coupler drivers. A MATLAB code for solving the mathematical model will be developed to validate and verify proposed solutions.During the kinematic synthesis of a single degree of freedom mechanism for a given task, a challenge is finding a solution mechanism that is not hindered by branch singularities relative to any of its driving joints. Trying to achieve the motion characteristics while avoiding the branch singularities severely limits the design space. This work approaches the problem of avoiding branch singularities by actuating a mechanism via an additional chain (set of links) attached to it.The challenge is identifying end point locations that is mechanically feasible and, drive the mechanism monotonically through its task thereby avoiding the branch singularities. The goal of this proposal is to develop the mathematical framework for identifying all possible end points for a coupler-driver for a user-defined mechanism.

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Graduate Research

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Andrew P. Murray, David H. Myszka

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Stander Symposium project


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Synthesizing Coupler-Drivers as a Novel Method for Actuating Mechanical Systems