Temperature Sensor Network for Mission of Mary Cooperative


Temperature Sensor Network for Mission of Mary Cooperative



Surya Margaret Freeman



The objective of this project is to continue the work of a previously established environmental sensor network at the Mission of Mary local urban farm. This sensor network records ambient air temperature at the Lincoln Hills site, one of two Mission of Mary farms. I am recording and processing temperature data coming from the five sensors implemented at this location. The locations of the sensors range from within three vegetable beds with varying frost coverings, a suspended sensor at the ceiling of the greenhouse, and a mounted sensor with a weather shield on the roof of the greenhouse. Temperature data is relayed from the sensor network, through an open-source single-board computer called a Raspberry Pi, to a cloud server. This data is then available through a RESTful web service as an online query tool where the data can be exported as a .csv file. The data is then imported into the Datazar platform, a research collaboration platform that is being used on a trial basis for this project. As data is being relayed I am able to view and study the changing temperature data, which is then analyzed and presented to the Mission of Mary team. By comparing temperature data at the Lincoln Hill site to weather data from the Dayton International Airport, variables such as daily cloud coverage and precipitation can be more thoroughly understood as they relate to urban agriculture. The two main points of interest for temperature data are at midday and midnight where the temperatures will be the highest and lowest respectfully. Once this project is completed Mission of Mary staff will be able to better determine if frost blankets are beneficial for vegetation growth during the late winter to early spring growing season, and identify any changes needed to better overall agricultural productivity.

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Independent Research - Undergraduate

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Andrew Rettig

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Stander Symposium project

Temperature Sensor Network for Mission of Mary Cooperative