2020: Jason Combs, Milestone Book Selection


2020: Jason Combs, Milestone Book Selection



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Promotion to the rank of Principal Lecturer, Department of Communication

Book Selection

The Secret of Divine Civilization, by Abdu'l-Baha

Why the honoree chose the book

Written as an open letter to the rulers and people of Persia in the late 19th century, this book presents a vision for society in which the progress of humanity is approached in light of the highest ideals of both science and religion undertaken in service to the common good. Abdu'l-Baha writes, "And the honor and distinction of the individual consist in this, that he among all the world’s multitudes should become a source of social good. Is any larger bounty conceivable than this, that an individual, looking within himself, should find that by the confirming grace of God he has become the cause of peace and well-being, of happiness and advantage to his fellow men?"

2020: Jason Combs, Milestone Book Selection