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Pothitos Pitychoutis



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Calcium ions (Ca2+) in the brain play a vital role in prominent neurobiological functions, including neural communication, growth, long-term potentiation, and cell death. Indeed, neuronal Ca2+ homeostasis is carefully maintained, while Ca2+ dysregulation has been linked to various neuropsychiatric disorders including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and Schizophrenia. Herein, we sought to investigate how chronic pharmacological modulation of the sarco-endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ ATPase (SERCA), an integral endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-handling effector, may affect spatial learning and memory in the Morris Water Maze test in naïve C57BL/6J mice of both sexes. In the context of the current honors thesis, we gained insights into the relationship between intracellular Ca2+ homeostasis and learning and memory processes. Our efforts are currently targeted towards extending our findings in additional animal models of learning and memory.

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