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This chapter explores the evolution of three Campus Compact anti-racism communities of practice (COPs) to foster critical conversations about race and racism in our higher education community-engaged work. The COPs were created and cofacilitated by two BIPOC (African American and Afro-Puerto Rican) and two white (New York Jewish, German/English, Irish) people. Aaliyah, Marisol, Sharyn, and John served as facilitators of the first two COPs, with Nuala Boyle replacing Sharyn for the third. We invited faculty and staff in higher education institutions across the country to apply to participate. A large number of higher education professionals responded to the call, demonstrating widespread interest in examining anti-racist practices in our field. We offered the three COPs, one each in spring, summer, and fall of 2021. We experimented with variations in an effort to find the right “formula” for the COPs. The number of participants varied for each iteration of the COP (iteration 1 included 40, iterations 2 and 3 included 20). For each iteration we recruited equal numbers of participants identifying as BIPOC and white.

About the book in which this chapter appears: Anti-racist Community Engagement: Principles and Practices centers anti-racist community-engaged traditions that BIPOC academics and community members have created through more than a century of collaboration across university and community. It demonstrates both the progress and the work that still needs to be done.



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Anti-Racist Community Engagement: Principles and Practices


Stylus Publishing


anti-racist community engagement, anti-racist values, critical reflection, racism, positionality, bias, systemic racism, reflective classrooms, cultural assets, cultural contributions


Civic and Community Engagement | Community-Based Learning | Educational Administration and Supervision | Higher Education | Race and Ethnicity


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Working Against Racism through Cross Institutional Communities of Practice