Li'l' Gal


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Publication Information

Published in Lyrics of Love and Laughter (1903)

Performed by Herbert Woodward Martin

Musical Settings

John Rosamond Johnson, Lil' Gal (voice and piano) (January 1902)

Leslie Adams, Li'l' Gal (June 2014)

Byron Christopher Mayes, Li'l Gal (Op. 29a, no 3) (January 2000)


Oh, de weathah it is balmy an' de breeze is sighin' low, Li'l' gal,
An' de mockin' bird is singin' in de locus by de do', Li'l' gal;
Dere's a-hummin' an' a-bummin' in de lan' f'om eas' to wes',
I's a-sighin' fu' you, honey, an' I nevah know no res'.
Fu' dey's lots o' trouble brewin' an' a-stewin' in my breas', Li'l' gal.

de mattah wid de weathah, whut's de mattah wid de breeze, Li'l' gal?
Whut's de mattah wid de locus' dat's a-singin' in de trees, Li'l' gal?
W'y dey knows dey ladies love 'em, an' dey knows dey love 'em true,
An' dey love 'em back, I reckon, des' lak I's a-lovin' you;
Dat's de reason dey's a-weavin' an' a-sighin', thoo an' thoo, Li'l' gal.

Don't you let no da'ky fool you 'cause de clo'es he waihs is fine, Li'l' gal.
Dey's a hones' hea't a-beatin' unnerneaf dese rags o' mine, Li'l' gal.
C'ose dey ain' no use in mockin' whut de birds an' weathah do,
But I's so'y I cain't 'spress it w'en I knows I loves you true,
Dat's de reason I's a-sighin' an' a-singin' now fu' you, Li'l' gal.