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ESL Readers and Writers in Higher Education: Understanding Challenges, Providing Support


This chapter presents selected findings from our study of a well-established ESL writing program at a U.S. university with a large population of international undergraduate students. The study was conducted in all 13 writing sections. The instruments included demographic data from university registrars; one instructor survey, administered at the end of the semester; and two student surveys, one administered at the beginning of the semester and one at the end. The instructor survey response rate was 100% (13 teachers); the student survey response rates were 82.5% (161 students) and 88% (171 students), respectively.

The reported findings inform five areas: an ESL course in the university's writing program, placement and student motivation, course structure and practices, instructor feedback, and writing lab (WL). A tripartite discussion of each area includes the observed processes, related findings, and potential implications.

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