Panel – Human Rights Practice

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Wednesday, November 8th
1:30 PM

Building Academic/Practitioner Teams for Human Rights Projects: Examples, Lessons Learned, and Pitfalls to Avoid

Theresa Harris, American Association for the Advancement of Science

1:30 PM

Multi-Method Research in Partnership with Myanmar Refugee Women in Dallas, Texas: Understanding How Ethnic Diversity Influences the Design and Development of a Resettlement Community Center

Chie Noyori Corbett, University of Oklahoma
David Moxley, University of Oklahoma

1:30 PM

Participatory Community Action Research in Homeless Shelters: Utilization of Service-Learning Pedagogy in Research and Advocacy

Roger N. Reeb, University of Dayton
Charles Hunt, University of Dayton
Sara Wetter, University of Dayton
Cassandra Hartman, University of Dayton

1:30 PM

The PATH (Partners Against Trafficking in Humans) Project: Development of the PATH Model

Fanell Williams, University of Toledo

1:30 PM

Doing Greater Good, While Doing No Individual Harm: A Public Health Approach to Human Trafficking Using a Human Rights-Centered Model

Patrick L. Kerr, West Virginia University
Rachel Dash, West Virginia University

1:30 PM