Panel – The Marginalized and Minorities: Interrogating Rights

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Thursday, November 9th
10:30 AM

The New Disappeared: Illegality, the Deportation Regime, and the Resurrection of State Violence

Miranda Cady Hallett, University of Dayton

10:30 AM

Interrogating Rights: How the United States is Not Complying with the Racial Equality Treaty

Malia Lee Womack, Ohio State University - Main Campus

10:30 AM

Out of the Prison and Onto the Streets: The Trafficking of Incarcerated Women (a Trans-Disciplinary Media Research Project)

Mei-Ling McNamara, University of Colorado Boulder

10:30 AM

Indigenous Rights in the Trump Era

Tereza M. Szeghi, University of Dayton

10:30 AM

Leveling the Fields for Migrant Farmworkers: Developing Human Rights Public Policies Using Human Rights-Based Approach

Luis E. Zavala, Yale University

10:30 AM