Panel – The State and the Refugee Regime

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Wednesday, November 8th
1:30 PM

State Sovereignty and Human Security: The Migration-Securitization Nexus in the Global South

Eugene R. Sensenig, Notre Dame University - Lebanon

1:30 PM

Displacement, Urban Populations, and the Right to Space and Place: Syrians in Istanbul and Colombians in Medellín

Stephanie Nawyn, Michigan State University
Claudia Maria Lopez, California State University, Long Beach

1:30 PM

Providing Refuge: A Regime Analysis of Legal Protections for Displaced Persons in Sub-Saharan Africa

Natasha Bennett, University of California, Santa Barbara
Hannah K. Brown, George Mason University

1:30 PM

The Business of Being Good: How it Pays to Be a Humanitarian State

Taylor Benjamin-Britton, Lehigh University
Danielle Scherer, Temple University

1:30 PM