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Bullying has become an epidemic that is sweeping the nation, touching public schools everywhere. This paper provides definitions and background information on bullying, as well as signs that will aid in recognizing both a bully and a victim within the classroom. Emerging research is finding that children with disabilities or special needs are more susceptible to bullying due to their often visible and frequently misunderstood differences. Bullying should be approached from a preventative position instead of the current reactive stance. Educators can choose to take an active role and help students cope with bullying in constructive, healthy ways. This paper offers new alternatives for teachers to utilize in their schools in an effort to prevent bullying and create an overall positive atmosphere.

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Course Project

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Patricia M. Hart

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Teacher Education


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This poster reflects research conducted as part of course project designed to give students experience in the research process.

Research exercise: Preventing Bullying: What Can Educators Do?