ULeaD Emerging Leaders Program: Cohort Final Projects

ULeaD Emerging Leaders Program: Cohort Final Projects



Olivia Sue Anthony, Sha'maria M. V. Barton, Nathan Paul Bender, Connor Patrick Carr, John Patrick Currin, Lillian Elise Dartt, Shannon Lynn Dennemann, Abigail Violet Dent, Treazure Jazlynn Edwards, Avery Carson Everidge, Eleanor Rae Forrest, Emma Rose Gaglione, Michelle Gianna Hickey, Matthew Robert Himes, Jackson Arron Karban, Abigail Grace Lambert, Sophia Nicolette Lambros, Karlie J. Lucas, Camryn Ellie McKenzie, Ethan William Moeller, Claire Therese Monahan, Kathleen Therese Moore, Zachary William O'Connor, Rachel Catherine Panko, Erin Elizabeth Reed, Chancelon J. Rice, Morgan Elizabeth Schulze, Cara Donna Thiemann, Drayton Elizabeth Willey


Presentation: 10:45-12:00, Kennedy Union Ballroom



The ULeaD Emerging Leaders Program, sponsored by the Student Leadership Programs Office, is a cohort-based initiative for first-year students that brings participants together for monthly sessions to develop a range of leadership skills and abilities such as effectively leading change, inclusive leadership, building meaningful relationships, inspiring others to act, and building resilience. For the first time, this cohort of first-year students will be presenting their final projects for the program at the Stander Symposium. Students' final project posters will include their leadership philosophy, how they have grown as leaders, what they have learned from the ULeaD program, and how they hope to impact the UD community.

Publication Date


Project Designation

Independent Research

Primary Advisor

Colette N. Looney, Chelsea M. Rooney

Primary Advisor's Department

Center for Student Involvement


Stander Symposium, Student Development

Institutional Learning Goals

Community; Diversity; Practical Wisdom

ULeaD Emerging Leaders Program: Cohort Final Projects