Virtual Yoga Instructor

Virtual Yoga Instructor



Nikesh Chithambaram


Presentation: 2:20-2:40, LTC Studio



Engaging in high-impact physical activities may not be suitable for senior adults due to their age and traditional exerciseprograms may not always be accessible or motivating. Adaptive yoga provides a range of low-effort exercises tailored to different age groups as well as individuals with disabilities that can improve both physical and mental fitness. However, post-pandemic travel can make attending yoga sessions challenging. To address this, we propose an augmented-reality application that encourages seniors to learn and practice yoga in an immersive mixed-reality environment in a surrounding of their comfort while promoting an active lifestyle and healthy aging.The proposed yoga application uses a database of yoga poses to provide guidance and feedback to users. It has a virtual instructor to guide the user and allows them to interact with both virtual and real-world elements with the help of a mixed-reality headset. During each workout session, the application will provide live feedback with the help of a camera to correct and validate yoga poses. The application allows the user to workout with friends represented by virtual avatars in a joint yoga session.Yoga provides numerous health benefits including strengthened bones, enhanced balance and flexibility which decreases the risk of falls and improve overall physical fitness. Practicing yoga regularly can lead to improved quality of sleep, promote mental fitness and clarity for the elderly. By providing live feedback, the application ensures the exercises are practiced safe. The user can use a mixed reality headset in the comfort of their home or preferred location, without the need to travel to a yoga studio. This provides a safer solution and also promotes independence for senior adults. Working out together with friends or family represented by virtual avatars can also help promote a sense of community and belonging, enhancing overall mental health and well-being.

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Graduate Research

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Van Tam Nguyen

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Computer Science


Stander Symposium, College of Arts and Sciences

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Practical Wisdom; Community; Scholarship

Virtual Yoga Instructor