Religious Rhetoric in Our Lives

Religious Rhetoric in Our Lives



Andrew M. Bray, Kennedy Lillian Byrd, Erin C. Callahan, Hope Elizabeth Clegg, Holly E. Conklin, Tristan L. Fountain, Benjamin Lloyd Francis, Laynie Michael Gerhardt, Hayden Lee Gray, Kendall Laila Grace Griffin, Meredith Elyse Grigsby, Tucker J. Hoffmann, Sophia Elle Hollins, Mary K. Kelty, Grace Elizabeth Kovesdy, Parker Alan Lewis, Austin J. Lloyd, Mark A. Martino, Elizabeth G. McMonagle, Davis William Menke, Catherine F. O'Brien, Hayden G. Parsons, Zachary Peter Rocco, Ryan O. Rosfelder, Connor M. Roy, Emma Grace Sawchuk, Jessica Catherine Schad, Dan Sang Chul Sciabica, Cassandra L. Secrease, Ren Marie Sikes, Noah Thomas Trimble, Olivia Anne Turturro, Erica Alexandra Velecela, Jillian Marie Yates, Leonard Patrick Zaleski III


Presentation: 3:00-4:15, Kennedy Union Ballroom



Rhetoric drawing on religious stories, ideals, concepts, and experiences surround us in our daily lives. These posters represent a sampling of the rhetorical analyses conducted by students from CMM 357 Religious Rhetoric throughout the Spring 2024 semester. Groups presented several themed reports prior to Stander and picked one to showcase at the symposium.

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Project Designation

Course Project - CMM 357 01

Primary Advisor

Cassandra L. Secrease

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Stander Symposium, College of Arts and Sciences

Institutional Learning Goals

Faith; Critical Evaluation of Our Times; Traditions

Religious Rhetoric in Our Lives