About This Journal

The inaugural issue described this publication thusly:

The University of Dayton Review is an organ of communication available to scholars in its academic community. Scholars of the University of Dayton include first of all the members of the faculty whether they specialize in the arts, in the sciences, in business theory and operations, in educational philosophy and methods, or in engineering and technology.

Of course, the title, University of Dayton scholar, also embraces intellectually mature alumni, purposeful, proven students, outstanding visitors and lecturers.

Within this academic community, a scholar is understood to be one who undertakes with dedication the search for truth — truth, not as a game to be played with arbitrary bits of information, but truth as a gradual penetration into the unity of God's thought. It is recognized that every true scholar in pursuit of truth so conceived needs a sense of mystery to appreciate the unfathomable reaches of his inquiry, a spirit of freedom to grope for understanding in the more dimly lighted corridors of reality, a life of dedication to support the indispensable virtues of humility and personal detachment, a hero's heart to continue on in spite of fear and discouragement.

The University's Review, therefore, does not propose to set forth official institutional views and answers, but to furnish a medium of dialogue and dialectic for University of Dayton scholars in search of truth — truth not in final capsule-form transcending centuries and cultures, but struggling for birth in terms of our own historical insight, truth not in the univocal grasp that belongs to God alone, but in the exchange, the dialogue, the controversy proper to man, truth not in popular or apologetic presentation, but as a serious, disciplined and disinterested inquiry, truth not as a rehash of safe and sure propositions, but as a formulation or critique of creative thought and the exploration of intellectual frontiers.