The papers of the first Böll Seminar (1972) sponsored by the Modern Language Association of America were published in the pages of the UDR in the fall issue of 1973 (UDR, 10, No. 2). At that time the hope was expressed that if the Böll Seminar were renewed, the UDR would be pleased to publish the continuing Böll research. Thus with the co-operation of Erhard Friedrichsmeyer of the University of Cincinnati, organizer of the 1973 seminar, the participants: Professors Margareta Deschner of Southern Methodist University, Klaus Jeziorkowski of the University of Frankfurt, Gertrud Pickar of the University of Houston and Keith Stewart of the University of Cincinnati, and especially of the editor of the UDR, Professor Lawrence A. Ruff, this second Böll issue is appearing.



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