Each administrator, as a thinking self, is to himself not object but subject, a subject in the midst of a world of subjects which he knows only as objects; he alone is subject as subject. When it is said that an administrator is to himself not object but subject, it is meant that this administrator is the only administrator in the world who is in some way aware of his “inexhaustible depth”; of his “operations”; of his “existential complexity”; of his “inner circumstances”; of his free choices, attractions, weaknesses, virtues, loves and pains; and of “that atmosphere of immanent vitality which alone lends meaning to each of his acts.” Subjectivity as subjectivity, however, is inconceptualizable; it is “an unknowable abyss”; it is unknowable by mode of any science whatsoever. There is an imperfect and fragmentary knowledge of subjectivity as such, and it is a “knowledge by mode of inclination, sympathy, or connaturality, not by mode of knowledge.”


Published with permission of Educational Technology Communications Publications. The paper will appear in The Predecisional Process in Educational Administration in January 1975 by ETC Publications.



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