With this appearance of the UDR, it is the third time an issue of the journal has published the papers of the Heinrich Böll Seminar of the Modern Language Association of America. For cooperation in this effort to publish important recent criticism of the work of Heinrich Böll thanks are due to the organizer of the 1975 seminar, Professor Gertrud Pickar of the University of Houston, and to the participants in the seminar: Professors Theodore Ziolkowski of Princeton University, Evelyn Beck of the University of Wisconsin, Ralf Nicolai of the University of Georgia, Ehrhard Bahr of the University of California, and Robert Conard of the University of Dayton. (Prof. Conard's article “Heinrich Böll’s Essays as Art Forms: An Interpretation of ‘The Moscow Bootblacks’” will appear in a future issue.) And for his continued support of this Böll project, special appreciation is due Professor Lawrence Ruff, editor of the UDR.


Editor's note: Konstantin Bogatyrev, Russian writer and translator of Rilke, was attacked by unknown assailants on Monday evening, 26 April, in front of his Moscow apartment building. He is still semi-unconscious in very serious condition in the intensive care ward of a Moscow hospital suffering from a skull fracture. The attack has not yet been explained.



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