Joseph P. Dolan


In an interview with the author of this paper, Peter Huchel was at pains to emphasize that even as a young man he had had Marxist sympathies and that Ernst Bloch had been. his „vaterlicher Freund.” In the same spirit, he tried to distance himself from the literary journal Die Kolonne by referring to its editor, Martin Raschke, as a "snob," and by explaining away his first prize in the second lyric contest of Die Kolonne as the result of a joke played on him by his friend Hans Joachim. According to Huchel, Joachim had submitted a sheaf of poems to the journal's first contest without the poet's knowledge. Huchel received not so much as an honorable mention. After this, Huchel moved to Berlin and acquired for himself a certain reputation on the basis of his contributions to the Literarische Welt. Joachim now re-submitted the poems to the second contest, again without Huchel's knowledge, who this time won first prize.



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