In 1967 Heinrich Böll stated in an interview that he had published poetry under a pseudonym to test its reception on its own merit. In 1972, satisfied with the reception, he allowed a slim volume of nine poems to appear with the Colloquium Verlag under his own name. These poems with one addition reappeared in 1975 with Lamuv Verlag, accompanied by graphics from Klaus Staeck. Since then the Böll/Staeck book has been published in the Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag's popular paperback series in a licensed edition from Lamuv, which holds the copyright for all of Böll's poetry. The latest 1981 edition now contains twelve poems (three more than the original volume of 1972). However, since 1972 ten more poems (including the three in the 1981 edition) have appeared in various periodicals and are collected here for the first time.


The news of Heinrich Boll's death (July 16, 1985) came just as this special issue was going to press.



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