The full account of the events and the motives which led up to the United States' savage attack on Iraq remains to be told. And further evidence unfolds almost daily. A key actor in this story was U.S. Ambassador to Baghdad, April Glaspie. The State Department "instructed" her to hold a "conversation" with the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on March 21, 1991. It must be emphasized that she was "instructed" not to give sworn testimony — nor provide requested documents, diplomatic cables, etc. — to the Foreign Relations Committee. At issue in that March "conversation" was an earlier July 1990 "conversation."' Did Glaspie. under earlier "instructions," give Iraq the "green light" to invade Kuwait on August 2, 1990? During the recent "conversation," Glaspie acknowledged that at issue was her "credibility" versus Saddam Hussein's. Thus each time the United States seeks to "clarify" the events and motives preceding the savagery of Operation Desert Storm, it is more clear that the full account has yet to be told. Little wonder Glaspie was kept under wraps for all these months.



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