As a pastor, there is no doubt my reading of Augustine is thoroughly theological in its perspective. I confess this from the outset. This being the case, it is extremely difficult for me to conceive that Augustine ever wrote in a mode detached from his conception that the highest goal for human life is to be conformed to the creative purpose for which it was intended. That is that human beings were created to find happiness or joy in the human quest finding peace in God. People then translate this quest into the love of neighbor in all human interactions, whether these be political. economic, or religious. Thus, for Markus to suggest that Augustine could conceive of human beings as "individuals existing in a pluralistic society" with its attendant history, culture, and institutions, conflicts with my understanding of Augustine's basic point of departure in any matter either political or philosophical.


Issue contains the subject matter of the 1994 Philosophy Colloquium, which had the theme "Augustine on Human Goodness: Metaphysics, Ethics and Politics." It was held April 7-9, 1994.



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