It was in a world of competition and of defending God. It was in a world of an adolescent's love for the clarity in truth that I first met faith and reason in a conscious way. A section of our high school religion class was devoted to apologetics. "Apologetics" did not mean having to say I was sorry, I was assured. Rather it was the examination by a confident young Catholic of 2,000 years of Scripture, Church life and teaching for the sure "proofs" of the truths of the Catholic faith. The interplay of faith statement, God's inspired word, history, rudimentary philosophy and reasoning were a happy and mutually supportive combination-satisfying to the mind's desire for coherence and faith's drive for integrity.


The first annual Humanities Symposium was held Feb. 28-March 1, 1994. The Humanities Symposium was part of "Viva Humanitas," a yearlong series of programs celebrating the opening of the Jesse Philips Humanities Center in August 1993.



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