Tecumapese, also known as Menewaulakoosee, Shooting Star, was the daughter of Methotasa of the Cherokee nation and Pucksinwah of the Kispokotha or "warrior" clan of the Shawnee Nation. She was born in 1758, ten years before her brother, the powerful Shawnee leader Tecumseh, The Panther Crossing Across the Sky, so named for the meteor that split the heavens north to south upon his birth. Tecumseh's name lives on in our popular culture thanks primarily to the works of historian Allan Eckert and James Alexander Thorn, the on-going outdoor drama Tecumseh! performed each summer at the Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheater in Chillicothe, Ohio, and more recently, the Turner Broadcasting production of the television movie Tecumseh.



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