Elliott Coleman is a poet, critic, professor of English writing and Director of the Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University. He is the author of Poems: An American in Augustland; 27 Night Sonnets; A Glass Darkly; 33 Sonnets; and Sonetti, a bilingual edition of sonnets translated into Italian by Alfredo Rizzardi. Several of his papers have been published, including Mockingbirds at Fort McHenry; his critical studies include The Golden Age: Papers on Proust. He has translated from the French Studies in Human Time, by Georges Poulet; The Mad Poet by Pierre Emmanuel; and The Interior Distance, by Georges Poulet. He also translated from the Italian Towns of This World, in collaboration with the author, Alfredo Rizzardi. Mr. Coleman's poems have been recorded by the Library of Congress and the Collection of Yale University.



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