In analyzing the full, rich, varied career of a successful person, is it possible to point the finger unerringly at his greatest single achievement? In the case of the man whom we are honoring tonight, it is not at all improbable that history will one day indicate that the comprehensive Self-Survey of the University which he inspired and directed in 1956-57 was his finest accomplishment. For on the strengths and weaknesses revealed by that searching appraisal, and on the sound recommendations that followed, the University has based the planning and decision-making that have made it the greater, the more mature, the more self-assured institution that it is today.

Brother Joseph J. Panzer, S.M., earned his doctorate at Fordham University. Formerly he was Associate Dean, School of Education at the Catholic University in Puerto Rico; and Dean of the University, University of Dayton. He is currently Dean of the School of Education at the University of Dayton.



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