Here, you can browse the research, field experiences and addresses given at the University of Dayton Human Rights Center's Social Practice of Human Rights conferences. Note: Most of the items in the collection are working papers or abstracts for papers that have not yet been published. For completed papers, contact the individual authors.

This biennial conference provides a unique space for scholars, practitioners and advocates to engage in collaboration, dialogue and critical analysis of human rights advocacy — locally and globally. Learn more about the Human Rights Center at the University of Dayton >>>.


Papers from 2015


Anti-Sex Trafficking Hysteria, False Narratives and the Rights of Sex Workers (abstract), Lonya M. Humphrey


Religious Freedom and the Right to Convert: Laws against Forcible or Induced Conversion in India (abstract), Laura Dudley Jenkins


Girl Power or Girl Child: Beyond Victory and Victimization in Advocacy for Girls around the World (abstract), Kelli Lyon Johnson


Democratizing Human Rights from Below: Blacklisted Workers at the European Court of Human Rights (abstract), Filiz Kahraman


Human Rights-Based Activism: Lessons From Health Activism in South Africa and Brazil (abstract), Kristi Heather Kenyon and Regiane Garcia


From Activism to Invested Scholarship: When Outsiders Are Insiders (abstract), Kristi Heather Kenyon and Tal Nitsán


De-centering the Human: Moroccan Islamists and Human Rights (abstract), Ahmed Khanani


Realizing the Right to Sport to Address the Socialization and Trauma Healing of Children in Refugee Camps (abstract), Konstantinos Koutsioumpas


An Experimental Examination of the Efficacy of Human Rights Campaigns: Gender Differences and Stereotypes (abstract), Michele Leiby, Angie Bos, and Matthew Krain


Putting It on the Line: Social Justice Frameworks for Human Rights Fieldwork (abstract), Michael Loadenthal


A 'Revolution of Values' in Immigrant Rights Advocacy (abstract), Jamie Longazel


Gunsmoke and Mirrors: Transitional Justice Implementation During Armed Conflict in Uganda (abstract), Cyanne E. Loyle


Silencing Women’s Agency and Forgetting Sexual Violence: Challenges in Realizing Women Survivors’ Human Rights (abstract), Katarina Lucas


Lights, Camera, Policy? Examining Celebrity-driven Anti-sex Trafficking Campaigns (abstract), Samantha Majic


Promoting Immigrant and Human Rights at the Local Level: A Case Study of the Welcome Dayton Initiative (abstract), Theo J. Majka and Jamie Longazel


Cultural Differences in Support for Human Rights (abstract), Sam McFarland and William Hornsby


Human Rights in the Digital Age: Opportunities and Constraints (abstract), Mahmood Monshipouri


Who Practices Rights-Based Development? A Progress Report on Work at the Nexus of Human Rights and Development (abstract), Paul Nelson and Ellen Dorsey


Privacy and Freedom of Information in Organizational Contexts: Human Rights Issues in an Era of Big Data (abstract), Jo Ann Oravec


Turn Up the Volume: The Amplification of Shame (abstract), Baekkwan Park, Amanda Murdie, and David Davis

Luncheon Remarks: Jason Pierce, Dean, University of Dayton College of Arts and Sciences, Jason Pierce


Mapping the Current State of Human Rights Education in Journalism Education (abstract), Shayna Plaut


Teaching Human Rights Inside and Outside the Classroom: Education Without Borders (abstract), Shayna Plaut, Lisa Brock, Carol J. Gray, William Simmons, and Alice Kim


Practicing Human Rights: How Human Rights Practitioners Shape the Field (abstract), Robin Redhead


From Acceptable Loss to Unacceptable Harm: How Norm Entrepreneurs Co-opted the Human Rights Discourse (abstract), Danielle K. Scherer and Taylor Benjamin-Britton


To Adapt or Not to Adapt? Accommodating Change in Humanitarian Response (abstract), Emily K.M. Scott


Double Jeopardy: The Rights of Refugees in Marginalized Communities in the Middle East (abstract), Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous


Global Human Rights Direct: Connecting Human Rights Voices from around the Globe (abstract), William Simmons


Catholic Social Teaching and Economic Rights (abstract), John Sniegocki


Literature and Human Rights Violations in U.S. Borderlands (abstract), Tereza M. Szeghi


Detaining Dialogue: Framing Treatment during the 2013 Guantánamo Hunger Strike (abstract), Kristen Traynor


The Normative Implication of the B Corp Movement in the Business and Human Rights Context (abstract), Cindy Woods


Reciprocal Critique: A Dialectical Engagement of Theology and Human Rights Discourse (abstract), Diane Yeager


Taking on the NYPD by Centering the Impact and Building a Movement: A Successful Human Rights Campaign Case Study (abstract), Nahal Zamani


Enforced Disappearances in México: A Good Practice on Human Rights Governance through Systematization of Experiences in Search of Justice and Truth (abstract), Luis Eduardo Zavala de Alba

Papers from 2013


Roundtable: Human Rights Philanthropy


Voices in the Wilderness: Catholic NGOs and the Challenge of Human Rights, Kevin Ahern

Arab Human Rights NGOs: Towards an Arab Spring, Elie Al-Hindy

Strategies for Effective Human Rights Campaigns, Jo Becker

Welcome Dayton Immigrant Friendly City Initiative, Melissa Bertolo

Glorifying Individual Rights: Freedom of Expression, Communication Rights and Democratic Media, Lisa Brooten

Savage, Victim, Savior: Human Rights and Visual Culture in the Rohingya Crisis of Burma/Myanmar, Lisa Brooten and Syed Irfan Ashraf

Transnational Advocacy Networks and the Use of Trauma Narratives, Elliott Bynum

Telling a Story or Rewriting History? Fighting Oblivion and Amnesia through Ibero-American Fiction—Quilting the Collective Memory, Pércio B. de Castro

Indigenous Rights in Transnational Perspective: The Rights of Immigrant Workers and the Right to Stay Home, Gilda Rodriguez Cervantes

Human Rights, Sexual Rights, the Muslim World, and Why ‘Pushing the Envelope’ Is Essential to Human Rights’ Global Resonance, Anthony Tirado Chase

Popular Perceptions of Human Rights Issues and Organizations, David (David Bradley) Crow

Sex Work, AIDS and Rights in Sonagachhi, India: Thinking between Hegemony and Resistance, Simanti Dasgupta

Eyes in the Sky: Satellite Technology and Human Rights, Virginia Dixon

Photojournalism and War Crimes: Ethical and Humanistic Limits, Keith Doubt

State-Supported Foster Care: A Matter of Human Rights?, Youssef Farhat, Joe Strychalski, Susan Weaver, and Hilary Zappin

Compromising Moral Values for Survival: Patronage, Capacity, Politicization, Intimidation, and Donor Dependencies, Benjamin Foley

Uneven Ground: Negotiating the Terrain of Human Rights Advocacy in Mexico, Barbara Frey

Frame Stickiness: Explaining variation in how human rights organizations have confronted violence in Mexico since 2006, Janice Gallagher

Montgomery County's Ex-Offender Re-Entry Program, Jamie Gee

Framing Our Focus: How Human Rights Reports shape the Understanding of Wartime Rape, Nicole Gerring

Rhetoric and Ethics in Global Organizations: Implications for Human Rights, Richard Ghere

Collaborative Advocacy: What Effects does the Visual Documentation have on Social Relations? The Case study of Human Rights Organization B'Tselem in Israel-Palestine, Ruthie Ginsburg

A Human Rights Mission: Advocacy on the Local and Global Scale, Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi

How Do Independent Children’s Rights Institutions Redefine Human Rights Engagement?, Brian K. Gran

'Gendering' International Peacekeeping: Women for Women on the Frontlines?, Natalie Florea Hudson

Bridging the Religious-Secular Divide within Transnational Women’s Movements? Muslim-Western Partnerships for Women’s Rights, Sheherazade Jafari

The New Slave Narrative: Narrative Advocacy and Human Rights in Stories of Contemporary Slavery, Kelli Johnson

Time for Action: Making Non-State Actors Accountable for their Human Rights Violation, Jean-Marie Kamatali

Explaining Advocacy Agenda: Human Rights NGOs in Turkey, Koray Kaplica

Choosing Rights: The Puzzle of the Rights Frame in HIV Advocacy, Kristi Kenyon

Human Rights Violations at the U.S.-Mexican Border, Moshen Khani, Derek Petrey, and Katherine Rowell

Mrs. Human Rights Stays at Home, Lena Khor

Hydraulic Fracturing in the Great Miami River Watershed: A Human Rights Issue?, Leslie King and Amanda Rupp


Human Rights and Emerging Actors: Indigenous Peoples and Peasants Redefining the Issues, Curtis Kline

Gender-Based Violence and Rethinking Human Security, Roxanne Krystalli

Professional Associations and Human Rights Advocacy: A Case Study of the Role of National Medical Associations in Policy Debates over Genital Cutting, Debra de Laet


Constructing a Dialogue on Dignity: Advocacy for Human Dignity as Global Institutions' Focus, Mark Lagon

Neglecting the ‘Right on Which All Other Rights Depend’: Press Freedom in the International Human Rights Discourse, Wiebke Lamer

Anna Akhmatova-- Greatest Poet of Russia and One of Her First Dissidents, Tatiana Liaugminas

Community Food Security as a Microcosm of Human Rights, Ellen Maccarone

National Conference for Community and Justice of Greater Dayton, Theo J. Majka


Human Rights Organizations as Agents of Change: When Do They Succeed and When Do They Fail?, Kyla McEntire, Matthew Krain, and Michele Leiby

Vertical Voices and Rationalized Rights: The Problem of Transnational Networks in the International Disability Rights Movement, Stephen Meyers

Media and Globalization of Human Rights, Basilio Monteiro and Kevin Rioux


The Human Right to Water and Advocacy for Urban Water Supply: After the Privatization Struggles, Paul Nelson

Orchestration or Improvisation at the UN? The International Coordinating Committee of National Human Rights Institutions, Tom Pegram

The "Immigrant Friendly City" Program: Aligning Human Dignity with the Community Interest, Teresa Perretta, Xiaorui Feng, and Madison Kramer

From Principle to Pragmatism: The Motivational Life Cycle of Transnational Democracy and Human Rights Movements, Tsveta Petrova

The Unfolding Story of Human Rights Reporting: Tensions, Strategies and Next Steps, Shayna Plaut

Universal Truths Encounter the Pragmatism of Modern Medicine: Application of the Principle of Subsidiarity, David Plevak

Avoiding the Question: The Social Practice of Human Rights in Immigration Reform, Nancy Powers

Exploring the Practice of Human Rights Media Advocacy: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Information Politics, Joel R. Pruce

Bringing Theory to Practice: Human / Labor Rights in Academia, Clara Román-Odio

Universal Human Rights as Power Resources: Institutionalized Human Rights and Social Spending in 18 Latin American Countries (1980-2010), K. Russell Shekha

Indigenous American Literatures: Advocacy, Rights, and Sovereignty, Tereza M. Szeghi

Abolition Ohio, Anthony Talbott

Exploring Differences in Anti-Human Trafficking Laws in the American States, Anthony Talbott and Nancy Miller

Struggling to Define the Right to Education, Jessica Ulm


Why Communication Rights Are Essential to the Protection and Advancement of Human Rights in the 21st Century, Andy Valeri


The United Nations Security Council and Human Rights Advocacy, Carrie Booth Walling

Montgomery County's Ex-Offender Re-Entry Program, Michael Ward

Human Beings and Being Human: The Making of 'Gay Rights' as Human Rights, Matthew Weinert

Indivisible Human Rights and the End(s) of the State, Daniel J. Whelan

Why so Pessimistic about Human Rights?, Damian Williams