Here, you can browse the research, field experiences and addresses given at the University of Dayton Human Rights Center's Social Practice of Human Rights conferences. Note: Most of the items in the collection are working papers or abstracts for papers that have not yet been published. For completed papers, contact the individual authors.

This biennial conference provides a unique space for scholars, practitioners and advocates to engage in collaboration, dialogue and critical analysis of human rights advocacy — locally and globally. Learn more about the Human Rights Center at the University of Dayton >>>.


Papers from 2013

Generic Testimonies in Human Rights Discourse, Katherine Wilson


Deconstructing Prevention: The Missing Link in the Human Security Approach to Climate Change., Amelia Mae Wolf

Dissymmetry. Equality, and Mutual Recognition: Ricoeur’s Hegelian Interrogation of the Liberal Conception of Human Rights, Diane Yeager

Looking Forward: Documenting the Impact of ESC Violations, Nahal Zamani

Good Freedom: Code of Conduct for Religious Institutions, Faith Communities, and Faith Communities for Their Work with Survivors of Forced Labour, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, Yvonne Zimmerman