Department Chair: Mark G. Nielsen, Ph.D.

At the University of Dayton, biology students are immersed in a rigorous program of study combining scientific knowledge and theory with robust laboratory and field experience. Coursework routinely extends beyond the lecture hall and can include, among other things, electron microscopes, wading through wetlands, isolating specific genes involved in cancer, and studying stem cells. Plus, undergraduate and graduate biology students receive personal attention from faculty to discuss career possibilities, course curricula, and service and internship opportunities. Graduate students work day-to-day with their faculty mentors to conduct research, choose courses, and discuss career options.

One of the important experiences we stress is research in faculty laboratories. More than half of our undergraduate majors participate in some form of research mentored by our faculty. Master's and doctoral candidates perform research as part of their degree programs. Often undergraduate and graduate students work side-by-side on projects of national importance. The students present their results at the annual Stander Symposium or at regional and international scientific meetings.


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