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Publication Information

Published in Lyrics of Sunshine and Shadow (1905)

Performed by Herbert Woodward Martin

Musical Settings

Charles Lloyd Jr., Compensation (voice and piano) (May 2014)

Robert Di Domenica, Compensation (baritone, piano, and tape) (January 1976)

Carson P. Cooman, Compensation (January 1999)

Gary Bachlund, Compensation (medium voice and piano) (January 2009)

Betty Jackson King, Compensation (January 1973)

Reginald Evans, Compensation (January 2005)

Simon Sargon, Compensation (Jump Back) (January 1990)


Because I had loved so deeply,
Because I had loved so long,
God in His great compassion
Gave me the gift of song.

Because I have loved so vainly,
And sung with such faltering breath,
The Master in infinite mercy
Offers the boon of Death.