Executive director: Nancy McHugh

As a Marianist and Catholic university, we are called to more than service. We are called to learning. We are called to leadership. We are called to justice. We are called to build community.

Carrying out the University of Dayton's vision as a national leader in educating community builders, the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community initiates and sustains partnerships with urban neighborhoods and larger communities for both comprehensive community building and as a context for connected learning and scholarship. The Center stimulates, coordinates and facilitates learning and scholarship throughout the University, within the community and between the two.

Fitz, S.M., president of the University of Dayton from 1979 to 2002. It was created by combining two existing centers, Strategies for Responsible Development/Institute for Neighborhood and Community Leadership at UD (INCLUD) and the Social Science Research Center/Center for the Study of Family Development.


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