The University of Dayton Human Rights Center, the Centre for Human Rights of the Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria, and the University of the Free State Centre for Human Rights, South Africa, jointly convene the 2023 Social Practice of Human Rights Conference and the 6th International Conference on the Right to Development, set for Nov. 2-4, 2023. You can still register online for 2023 conference.

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Concurrent Session 5 — Exploitation of Migrants and Tools for Protection
Concurrent Session 5 — Tech and Human Rights
Concurrent Session 5 (Roundtable) — Activism in the Popular Imagination
Concurrent Session 5 — Revitalizing Education for Inclusive and Transformative Outcomes
Concurrent Session 5 — Book Launch: Sexual Harassment, Law, and Human Rights in Africa
Concurrent Session 5 (Roundtable) — Human Rights: A Community Conversation on the Importance to Declare Dayton a Human Rights City
Concurrent Session 4 — Partnering for Impact in International Development
Concurrent Session 4 — Global Education Seminar (GES): University of Dayton Faculty Reflections on travels through Post-Apartheid South Africa
Concurrent Session 4 — Gender-Equitable Approaches to Inclusive and Sustainable Development
Concurrent Session 4 — Breaking the Silos: Intersections of Gender and Climate Change
Concurrent Session 4 — Place, Identity and Migration
Concurrent Session 4 — The Post of the Postcolonial?
Concurrent Session 4 (Roundtable) — Cooperative Thought and Practice: Building Structures for Human Dignity
Concurrent Session 3 (Roundtable) — Advancing Access to Justice in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America: Innovative Strategies and Methods
Concurrent Session 3 — A Human Rights-Centered Approach to the Implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)
Concurrent Session 3 — Socio-Economic Rights: Challenges and Opportunities
Concurrent Session 3 (Roundtable) — STEM for Justice and Empowerment
Concurrent Session 3 — Green Colonialisms’ Effects on Pastoralist Women in East Africa
Concurrent Session 3 (Roundtable) — Roundtable: Achieving Social Justice through Social Economic Rights Litigation
Concurrent Session 2 — Rights for Tenants and the "Unhoused": Progress and Lessons Learned in Dayton
Concurrent Session 2 — Transforming Gender Norms in Rural Mali by Opening Spaces for Action
Concurrent Session 2 (Roundtable) — Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School Students' Experiences
Concurrent Session 2 — Responding to Oppression
Concurrent Session 2 (Roundtable) — Impact of the Peace Corps on Development in Host Countries
Concurrent Session 2 (Roundtable) — Disrupting Forced Labor and Forced Child Labor: Case Studies and Responses
Concurrent Session 1 (Roundtable) — Community-Engaged Approaches to Development
Concurrent Session 1 — EmpowerArt: Igniting Change through Creative Activism
Concurrent Session 1 — (Un)Sustainable: The Impact of Development Projects on People and the Environment in Africa
Concurrent Session 1 — The Role of Social Media in Advancing Social Justice and Human Rights in Africa
Concurrent Session 1 — Unveiling the Complexities of Inclusive Development in Africa
Concurrent Session 1 — The Role of African Regional Human Rights Bodies in Addressing the Negative Impacts of Climate Change
Concurrent Session 1 (Roundtable) — Gender and Rights: Global Contestations