Here, you can browse the research, field experiences and addresses given at the University of Dayton Human Rights Center's Social Practice of Human Rights conferences. Note: Most of the items in the collection are working papers or abstracts for papers that have not yet been published. For completed papers, contact the individual authors.

This biennial conference provides a unique space for scholars, practitioners and advocates to engage in collaboration, dialogue and critical analysis of human rights advocacy — locally and globally. Learn more about the Human Rights Center at the University of Dayton >>>.


Proposals from 2023


Advancing Gender Justice in the Green Transition: Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change and Environmental Exploitation on Women and Children's Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa, Victor Onyilor Achem


The Role of African Regional Human Rights Bodies in Addressing the Negative Impacts of Climate Change, Ebenezer Durojaye, Assim Usang, Bright Nkrumah, and Amar Mahadew


Advancing Access to Justice in sub- Saharan Africa and Latin America: Innovative Strategies and Methods., Adaobi Egboka


Judicial Activism as a Pathway to Environmental Justice in Africa’s Mining Industry: The Case of Nigeria and South-Africa, Onyekachi Eni Dr and Dr. Ngozi Chinwa Ole


Realizing ESC rights through the AfCFTA- A Critical historical excursion from the OAU to the AU, Edmund Foley


Examining Postcolonial Structures of Corporate Power through the Lens of Development Induced Projects in Africa, Janet Gbam and Oyeniyi Abe


Addressing a Crisis of Imagination: A Social Justice Lens for the Cinematic Representation of Queer Persons with Physical Disabilities in African Films, David Ikpo


Collisions at the Intersection: Intersectionality of Labor Trafficking, Trauma, and the 'Resource Curse' Phenomena within the Cobalt Mining Industry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Patrick L. Kerr

Navigating the Frontiers of AI policies in Africa, Thompson Kwarkye

Rethinking Protest Music: Revolutionary Songs from Myanmar, Heather Maclachlan


New People, New Livelihoods after Tugwi Mukosi Dam Construction: A Case of Chingwizi Area in Mwenezi District in Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe, Cephas Mandirahwe


The Next Act: Examining the Role of Theatre of Commitment and Human Rights in Post-democratic South Africa, Kingdom Moshounyane


Keynote 1 — The Unfinished Black/African Struggles for Liberation, Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni, V. Denise James, and Novea McIntosh


Achieving Social Justice through Social Economic Rights Litigation, Michael Gyan Nyarko, Svati Shah, Adrian Jjuuko, and Kerigo Odada


Operation Crossroads Africa: Building Bridges of Friendship with Africa in the Post- Colonial Africa, Alieu Nyassi


Toward Decolonizing Legal Theories of Law and Technology, Olubukola Olugasa


Empowering Nigerian Youths for Social Change: The Convergence of Civic Education, Media, Art, and Activism, Zainab Onuh-Yahaya


Intersections between Child Marriage and Climate Change: A Case Study of Malawi, Musu Bakoto Sawo


The Climate Emergency Before the Inter-American Human Rights System: Evolution and New Horizons, Thalia Viveros Uehara


Call for Proposals 2023: The Social Practice of Human Rights and the and the 6th International Conference on the Right to Development, University of Dayton


Flyer: 2023 Conference, University of Dayton


Gender and Rights: Global Contestations, Susan Weaver and Satang Nabaneh


Graphic Design II Exhibition — 'Shedding Light', Jeremy Yontz


The Right to Development in Transboundary Water Context: The Case of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Halifet Ayemohammed Yusuf

Proposals from 2021

Witnessing Workshop: Central Americanists Serving as Experts in U.S. Immigration Courts

Workshop: Curating for Advocacy — Designing and Educating for Human Rights in Museum Spaces

Workshop: Local Human Rights Advocacy — Utilizing International Human Rights Norms for Local Activism

The Role of Human Rights in the WTO, WIPO, WHO in Framing COVID19 Vaccines Access, Brook Baker

The Emergence of New Human Rights Methods and Tactics, Peter Benkendorf, Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous, Maria Terra, Yolanda Burckhardt, Neil Giles, and Adam Todd

Educating Engineers For Human Rights-Related Vocations, Kelly Bohrer, Darshan Karwat, Mira S. Olson, Carna Cureton, Naadia Moosajee, and Kathy Triantafillou

Literature, Art, and Civil Resistance, R. Darden Bradshaw, Jamie Michaels, Heather MacLachlan, Tereza M. Szeghi, and Marissa Gutierrez-Vicario

The Climate Crisis, Sustainable Development, and New Frontiers, Robert J. Brecha, Nathaniel Weisenberg, Sarah Nahar, Gillian MacNaughton, and Raphael Hoetmer

Batman Saves the Congo: How Celebrities Disrupt the Politics of Development, Alexandra Cosima Budabin, Lisa Ann Richey, Joel Pruce, and Natalie Florea Hudson


The Shortcomings of Corporate Accountability in Post-Conflict Colombia: Land, Rivers and Animals, Isabella Ariza Buitrago and Luisa Gomez Betancur

The University’s Role in Fulfilling the Right to Food and Shelter, Sarita Cargas

Truth and Accountability in Los Angeles: Global Norms Informing City Reckoning Around Racial Justice, Anthony Chase


Mental Health in the Undocuqueer Community, Cailan Cordwell

Social Ecology and Lawyering in the Anthropocene, Matthew Currie and Kumar Jensen

Lost in Transformation: The Human Rights We Lost during the New State-Centric Order, Caroline de Lima e Silva


Corporate Accountability in Transitional Justice: Reflections on an Ongoing Social Lab (Roundtable), Tatiana Devia, Avery Kelly, and Kaushik Sunder Rajan

Traffic Analysis Hub, Neil Giles

Translocal Learning Across Human Rights Cities, Michael Goodhart


Does Human Rights Derogation Limit COVID-19 Infections?, Brian K. Gran and Reema Sen


Get Home Safe: Art as Resistance, Human Rights Education, and Liberation in Incarcerated Spaces, Marissa Gutierrez-Vicario


Migration and Mortality: Social Death, Dispossession, and Survival in the Americas, Miranda Cady Hallett, Joseph Nevins, Jamie Longazel, Amelia Frank-Vitale, Alicia Yvonne Estrada, and Abby C. Wheatley


Developing a Practice in Remote Sensing for Next-Generation Human Rights Researchers, Theresa Harris, Jonathan Drake, Umesh K. Haritashya, Wumi Asubiaro Dada, and Fredy Cumes


Refugee Homes and the Right to Property: Sunk Costs and Networked Mobility, Jordan Hayes

Climate Justice, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, and Using New Knowledge, Raphael Hoetmer

Feminist Leadership, Gender-Based Pedagogy, and Educating Future Practitioners, Natalie Florea Hudson, Susan Weaver, Erica Higbie, Jessica Pierson, Ann-Marie Goetz, Ann Hudock, and Hanifa Nakiryowa


Fratelli Tutti: Pope Francis and the Catholic Response to Human Rights, Tiffany Hunsinger

Vaccine Equity as a Human Rights Agenda, Pablo Iannello, Dalindyebo Shabalala, Brook Baker, Jennifer Sellin, and Burcu Kilic

Laudato Si, Environmental Justice, and Care for Our Community, Leanne M. Jablonski, Rebecca Potter, Matthew Currie, Kumar Jensen, Margaret E. Maloney, Tiffany Hunsinger, and John Sniegocki


Patriotism, Pandemic, and Precarity: How the Alt-Right and White Nationalist Movement Used the Pandemic, Arthur J. Jipson


The Rights of Children and Families: Local Initiatives in the Miami Valley, Kelly S. Johnson, Raymond L. Fitz, Vanessa Ward, and Jan Lepore-Jentleson

New Pathways in Transitional Justice, Matt Joseph, Gerald Gahima, Alexander Laban Hinton, Luisa Gomez Betancur, Isabella Ariza Buitrago, Tatiana Devia, Avery Kelly, and Kaushik Sunder Rajan

Organizing the Campus and Community around the 2021 Agenda toward Transformative Change for Racial Justice and Equality, Nathanael Joseph

The Human Right to Housing, Steve Kaufmann, Kenya Baker, Rob Robinson, Erica Fields, Ariadna M. Godreau-Aubert, and Kelly Viselman

The Perils of Visualizing Advocacy, Kevin Kelly, Amy Sodaro, and Tali Nates

The Proposed Solutions, Especially the TRIPS Waiver at the WTO, and How They Reflect (or do not) Human Rights Framing, Burcu Kilic

Business and Human Rights Trends in Africa, Arnold Kwesiga


Witnessing Anew: Human Rights Advocacy for Migrants at the U.S. Southern Border in COVID-19 Times, Ellen Maccarone

A Human Rights Perspective on Inequalities and the Climate Crisis, Gillian MacNaughton

Representing and Assisting Dayton Immigrants and Refugees during the Pandemic, Theo J. Majka, Eugenie Kirenga, Martha-Jeanette Rodriguez, Cady Landa, Sofialyn Durusan, Virginia Rodríguez Colón, Tony Ortiz, Jan Futrell, Catherine Bitwayiki, and Jean de Dieu Mukunzi

Dayton Sustainability Plan and Engagement with Climate Justice and Resilience, Margaret E. Maloney

Police Surveillance Technology Ordinance, Julio Mateo

On the Move: Migrant Rights and the Pandemic, Sinead McGrath, Ellen Maccarone, Abby Wheatley, Samantha Nabaty, Eleanor Paynter, Cailan Cordwell, and Jordan Hayes

Approaches To Decolonizing Human Rights Education, Novea McIntosh, Tshepo Madlingozi, Awino Okech, and Yassin Brunger


Comic Books, Satire, and the American Police State: Lessons from the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, Jamie Michaels

The Potential for Visualizing Advocacy, Paul Morrow, Leora Kahn, Joel R. Pruce, Calinda Lee, and Migiwa Orimo

Defecatory Justice and the Human Right to Sanitation, Sarah Nahar

Intercultural Competencies and Rights-Based Approaches for Ohio's Child Services, Jane Novick, Tanya Cooper, Ericka Curran, Laura Herrold, Stephanie Klupinsky, and Fatima Bashir

Corporate Accountability in the Palestine-Israel Context, Emily Schaeffer Omer-Mann

Community-Based and Participatory Research Methods, Alfredo Ortiz


Captivity as Crisis Response: Migration, the Pandemic, and Forms of Confinement, Eleanor Paynter

On Care for Our Common Home: Laudato Si Platform, Rebecca Potter

Response of International Institutions to COVID-19, Dainius Puras

Challenges and Trends in Corporate Accountability, John Quigley, Isabella Ariza Buitrago, Luisa Gomez Betancur, Emily Schaeffer Omer-Mann, Kristin Rosella, and Arnold Kwesiga

U.S. Human Rights Cities Alliance, Rob Robinson

Legal Accountability of Financial Actors and Financial Institutions, Kristin Rosella

Equity, Wealth, and Sustainable Local Development, Kayla Rothman-Zecher, Kristina Scott, Nina Carter, Steve Kaufmann, Jeff Hoagland, and Lejla Sadiku

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Realization of Human Rights, Jessica Saunders, Brian K. Gran, Reema Sen, Caroline de Lima e Silva, Nicholas Sherwood, and Dainius Puras

The Obligations of States to Provide Access to COVID-19 Treatments and Vaccines to Non-Citizens, Jennifer Sellin


Interesting Times: Returning to Blended Activism in a Culture of Impunity, Eugene R. Sensenig

The Nature of the Production Problem and Distribution Problem With COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatments, Dalindyebo Shabalala


Holistic Well-Being and Humanitarian Workers during COVID-19: Concepts, Challenges, and Recommendations, Nicholas Sherwood

Human Rights and Placemaking: Universities in Community Ecosystems, Jackie Smith and Neil Brown

Utilizing International Human Rights Frameworks and Treaties to Advocate in Local Communities, Jackie Smith, Michael Goodhart, Susanne Zwingel, Jennifer Hill, Anthony Chase, and Julio Mateo

The Role of Universities in Promoting Human Rights in Cities And Communities, Tiffany Taylor Smith, Sarita Cargas, Jackie Smith, Neil Brown, Nathanael Joseph, and Alfredo Ortiz

Pope Francis, Human Rights, and COVID-19, John Sniegocki

The U.S. 2020 Elections and the Fight for Universal and Equal Suffrage, Andrew L. Strauss, Desiree Tims, Amina Barhumi, Ellis Jacobs, and Ifeolu A.C. Claytor


Charles Gibson and Indian Territory's Periodical Press, Tereza M. Szeghi

Disrupting Illicit Massage Businesses in Ohio, Anthony Talbott, Kathy Chen, Elyse McConnell, Vanessa Bouché, and Youngbee Dale


Documenting Human Rights Violations: An Analysis of Press Reporting on the Mexican Disappearance Crisis, Maria Terra and Yolanda Burckhardt

Cryptocurrency and Its Implications for Human Rights Advocacy, Adam Todd

Repressive Law Enforcement against Migrants in Ohio, Lynn Tramonte, Houleye Thiam, Maria Otero, Julie Leftwich, Miranda Cady Hallett, and Yulianna Otero-Asmar

Extremism, Rhetoric, and Democratic Precarity, William Vance Trollinger, Christopher F. Patane, Marc S. Polizzi, Patrick Ahern, Michael Loadenthal, Nicole Widdersheim, and Jordan Garza


Call for Proposals 2021: The Social Practice of Human Rights Conference, University of Dayton


COVID-19, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Right to Science, Nathaniel Weisenberg


A Case Study of Pregnant Migrants in Detention, Abby Wheatley and Samantha Nabaty

Hall Hunger Initiative, Mark Willis