About This Journal

Line by Line: A Journal of Beginning Student Writing recognizes outstanding work created by first- and second-year students in the writing program at the University of Dayton. Submission is open to all students in ENG 100, ENG 200, ENG 114, ENG 198, ASI 110, and ASI 120. A peer-reviewed journal, it showcases student writing in print, multimodal, and digital formats. It provides students with a public venue to share their academic writing and serves as a permanent repository for the range of composition and scholarship produced by the writing program.


    • John D. and Rose Marie Groppe Award for Excellence in Writing: This award is made possible through the endowed gift of Bart Ng to honor St. Joseph’s College Professor Emeritus John D. Groppe and his spouse, Rose Marie. As an undergraduate student, Ng was inspired by John Groppe’s teaching and regards his mentor as instrumental in transforming his view of the English language and the humanities. Together, the Groppes fostered his love of writing, literature, and intellectual inquiry. The award recognizes writers whose excellent work demonstrates intellectual engagement, rhetorical awareness of purpose and audience, and artful expression.

    • Barbara A. Farrelly Award: Barbara A. Farrelly was an engaging and active member of the University of Dayton and the Dayton community. During her three-decade career at UD, she not only was a lecturer in the English department, but also served as an assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and an academic coordinator for student-athletes. This writing award commemorates Farrelly’s career, her love of UD, and her commitment to her students.

    • Father Jack McGrath, S.M., Award for Research in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition: This award honors UD alumnus Father Jack McGrath, S.M. (1935–2015), who joined the University of Dayton religious studies faculty in 1987 and later founded the Forum on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition Today. The award recognizes the writing of students whose research in a Common Academic Program course demonstrates rigorous, deep, and creative engagement with thinkers, texts, and/or themes associated with the Catholic intellectual tradition. Line by Line publishes the work of first- and second-year award-winning authors.