About This Journal

Published each fall and spring semester, Line-by-Line: A Journal of Beginning Student Writing recognizes outstanding work created by students in the First- and Second-Year Writing Program at the University of Dayton. Submission is open to all students in ENG 100, ENG 200H, ENG 200, ASI 110, or ASI 120. The mission of Line by Line is to showcase exemplary student writing and digital composition, give students the opportunity to have their work shared publicly, and serve as a permanent repository for the wide variety of writing and scholarship that is happening in UD’s Writing Program.


    Three awards are presented in each issue, two of which are for excellence in a particular genre of writing. The top award in each issue is the Barbara Farrelly Award for Best Writing in the Issue.

    The Barbara Farrelly Award for Best Writing in the Issue

    Professor Barbara A. Farrelly was an engaging and active member of the University of Dayton and the local community. During her three decade career at UD, not only did she serve as a Lecturer in the English Department, but she also served as the Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Academic Coordinator for Student Athletes. Professor Farrelly was recognized as an exceptional teacher who cared deeply about her students. She instilled in them the values of integrity and persistence in reaching their true potential, and many of her students have said that knowing her dramatically changed their lives. She believed strongly in social justice, and she would speak up to, speak out against, and speak over anyone who unfairly infringed on the rights of others. This award commemorates Professor Farrelly's outstanding career, love of UD, and commitment to her students.