Editorial Board

Dr. Margaret M. Strain, Editor and Director of the Writing Program, Department of English

Lori Phillips-Young, Associate Editor and Writing Program Coordinator, Department of English

Alexis Ancona, graduate student, English

Cassady Calder, undergraduate student, English

Joe Craig, Lecturer, Department of English

Kate Devantier, graduate student, English

Tanner Elrod, graduate student, English

Heidi Gauder, Coordinator of Research & Instruction, Roesch Library

Jenna Gomes, graduate student, English

Abby Hines, undergraduate student, English

Masha Kisel, Lecturer, Department of English

Christina Klimo, Write Place Coordinator, Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center

Tom Lyon, Lecturer, Department of English

Katherine McCaffery, undergraduate student, English

Shane McDonough, undergraduate student, English

Marianne Raab, Adjunct Instructor, Department of English

Romaisha Rahman, graduate student, English

Katlin Sarantou, undergraduate student, English

Emily Stainbrook, graduate student, English

Steve Wilhoit, Professor, Department of English