Information for Instructors:

Thank you for supporting Line by Line, a journal of beginning student writing!

We are interested in publishing exemplary student work from our composition courses (ENG100, ENG200, ENG200H, ASI110, and ASI120). Students should be encouraged to submit work that you believe demonstrates exemplary student writing, critical thinking, and, if applicable, creative presentation. The work does not have to be “perfect,” but it should represent outstanding writing in your course. Work accepted for publication will include the instructor’s name.

Students should be encouraged to talk with you about their interest in submitting their writing (or you can encourage them to consider this). Feel free to ask students to polish their work by revising and editing, visiting the Write Place, or, if you prefer, working with you directly to improve the final draft.

Note that during the submission process, students will enter a brief paragraph that describes the process they took to complete the project. This paragraph will be published alongside their work.