Instructor's Name

Dr. Meredith Doench



Writing Process

I was asked to write this project for my English 100 class. I was supposed to describe my own journey learning to read and write and to tell the literacy sponsors that help me to improve my reading and writing skills. The aspect that I really enjoyed about this project was the fact that we had to write a literacy narrative. As I see it, this kind of production is the most enjoyable and I had a great time while writing it. I talked to my parents and teachers at high school and I had a reunion with my inner self remembering the path I followed to get to where I am now. I am Spanish and for that reason my learning journey could be a little different to the rest. Although my mother tongue is Spanish, I also grew up learning English and in this paper I try describe how I dealt with these two languages. In conclusion, in this literacy narrative I try to explain with a bit of humor the path I had to go through in order to achieve the writing and reading skills that I own nowadays.