Project Title

Superheroes Unmasked





Instructor's Name

Dr. Elizabeth Mackay



Writing Process

In this assignment, I was asked to analyze one rhetorical strategy in the graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. I was also asked to consider the Catholic Intellectual Tradition as a rhetorical context. As the class read the book, we had in-class writing assignments that helped us trace our strategy throughout the text and develop our analysis that would eventually become the backbone of our papers. I used these in-class assignments along with my notes on the book to create a comprehensive list of every flashback in the novel. I used this list to develop my thesis and decide which characters I would use to support my analysis. After writing and editing my rough draft, two of my peers reviewed my paper during class. After another round of editing, I brought my paper to a conference with my professor, Dr. Mackay, and she gave me ideas to improve the paper. Next, I edited the paper again and submitted it for a grade. Upon deciding to submit this paper to Line by Line I edited it again and had another conference with my professor.