Project Title

Forging Family Ties





Instructor's Name

Dr. Laura Vorachek



Writing Process

The assignment for this essay was to develop an argument related to gender in the United States and to use your own original research in addition to other sources. First, I thought about prominent issues in the United States and decided to focus on prejudice against homosexual couples who were attempting to adopt children. After doing some initial research, I decided that homosexual adoption rights need to be expanded on in the United States. I did more research on databases and in Roesch Library to find sources that would both support my side of the issue, but also some sources that would provide me with a counterargument. For my original research, I decided to conduct a survey in order to gain insight into other opinions on homosexual adoption rights. This survey was given out on the floor of my residence hall, at my mom’s work, and was posted online to diversify results. There were two rough drafts of this essay, both of which were read to a workshopping group and edited. The second draft was also reviewed by my professor, Dr. Laura Vorachek, and I made changes based on her comments.



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