Project Title

Texts Tell Truths





Instructor's Name

Dr. Elizabeth Mackay



Writing Process

The assignment for this essay was to provide a close reading analysis of a writing or visual strategy in the novel Watchmen by Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore, while making connections to how this strategy relates (or doesn't) to the Catholic Intellectual Tradition (CIT). To get started on this essay, I looked through various in-class writings we had done regarding rhetorical strategies in this novel. I also reviewed information about the CIT and typed a two-page-long brainstorm of all the rhetorical strategies I found that interested me, and the connections I could find between those and CIT. After deciding on my topic, first-hand accounts and the use of stories to understand humans, I began a draft. Before my final essay was complete, I had two rough drafts. The first went through in-class peer reviews, and the second received comments from my professor (via email). Revisions were made as a result of both.