Instructor's Name

Dr. Susan Trollinger



Writing Process

I went through an extensive researching, writing, and revising process for this essay. I spent most of the Spring 2022 semester researching. I initially investigated the ties between slave patrols and our contemporary police institution, and, after following a winding road of sources and ideas, that topic morphed into a historiography of Southern militia conflict. I read and summarized many sources to find patterns in historical characterizations which I then organized into the interpretive categories I identify in this essay. Once I had the shape of the essay and worked out my argument, I went through many rounds of edits: First, for my ASI 120 class, and then to submit to a previous issue of this journal (which was not accepted, as it was a significantly poorer essay than the version published here). Then, many months later, I revisited the essay for my McGrath application. I edited it once before sending it to my professor, then to send to peer reviewers for comments, and again once I received feedback. I added several layers of analysis, found sources for and analyzed contemporary connections, reorganized my arguments, and rewrote or reworded most of the body of text to finally end up with the essay herein.



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