Instructor's Name

Sr. Sooyoung Chung



Writing Process

Editor's note: This paper was selected to receive the inaugural John C. and Rose Maria Groppe Award for Excellence in Writing.

My essay discusses how through the manipulation of fairy tale tropes such as predation, damsel in distress, and singing, the 2014 Into the Woods musical presents a feminist and coming of age portrayal of the classic Little Red Riding Hood character. To write this essay, I extensively researched the feminist movement, modern film, and their impact on the fairy tale genre through both works from the university library and from our course readings. Initially, it was difficult to find scholarly sources that specifically referenced Into the Woods and the Little Red Riding Hood portion of it. Once I expanded my view to other sources that reference fairy tales and feminism outside of my specific film though, I quickly had better results that I was able to apply to my individual case. Overall, by critiquing and fine tuning my research and work, I was able to come to a satisfactory final draft that I hope you will enjoy.



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