Instructor's Name

Dr. David Fine



Writing Process

Editor's note: This paper was selected for the Barbara Farrelly Award for Best Writing in ASI 100/120.

The first step I took in my writing process was to analyze the prompt and clarify the steps I needed to take to craft an adequate response. Next, I re-read the sections of the text that I my writing would reference and formed my introduction and thesis statement around the argument I would make based on what I discerned. Drafting the body paragraphs was a very iterative process, as I had to re-read the text many more times to understand the way Machiavelli was writing and approach each word from two different perspectives. I then wrote my conclusion, connecting present day implications to the core argument of my paper. Finally, I made various revisions to my first draft by drawing more connections and presenting more evidence, which completed my piece of writing.



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