Instructor's Name

Bridget Hutt



Writing Process

Editors note: This paper received the inaugural John C. and Rose Maria Groppe Award for Excellence in Writing.

I began my research project by selecting colorism as the topic I wanted to study, due to its significant social and ethical impact on affected communities. After beginning to search for scholarly sources, I decided to focus my main studies on India and China, since they are not only two of the most impacted regions but also the most populated nations in the world. My project assignment included a preliminary in-class presentation of initial findings about my topic, followed by the submission of a more thorough analysis presented in essay format. Therefore, I used the creation of a slide presentation to organize the main components of my research, along with the key evidence I wanted to bring together to convey my message to the audience. I created a format that introduced the concept of colorism and examined it comparatively through historical, philosophical, and ethical lenses, concluding with a broader view of how the construct of colorism contributes to negative global effects. From the evidence that I had compiled from multiple sources, I analyzed the facts and data that I found most important in order to bring attention to the significance and complexity of skin tone bias.



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