Instructor's Name

Sooyoung Chung



Writing Process

My purpose in writing this Summary and Response paper was to take a deep look at Norris’ essay, The Secret Ingredient, and focus on a main aspect that I found to be important to me. I am trying to show, using Norris’ essay as evidence, that I agree with Norris’ assertion that people are too materialistic today and that people should be focuses on love instead. The hardest challenge for me when I was working on this paper was trying to balance between using textual evidence and using my own words. I wanted to make sure that I provided enough evidence to support my claim but I also wanted to make sure that I incorporate my own ideas into the paper. When I was able to find a balance between these two aspects, I was able to fully create a rough draft of my paper. I created three rough drafts that were looked over by peers and then a final draft that my professor graded. I revised my paper based on my peers’ evaluations as well as the feedback that my professor gave me on my final draft.



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